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Nelivaru Haa - Nelivaru Haa

Author - Andrey Ryanskiy

General information:
Diving site with typical Maldivian dive site topography - slope, cave, the bottom. And with a fairly typical set of marine life - nothing worth special mention except a small but very beautiful fish - Starry Dragonet, which can be found here on the coral slope, but often missed by divers, looking for some big staff
GPS - coordinates:
Width 5° 7.49'
Height 73° 4.83'
Maximum depth: 25
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Additional information:
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Myripristis botche
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Pseudanthias ignitus
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Myripristis botche - Blacktip soldierfish
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Synchiropus stellatus
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Fromia indica
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Fusigobius sp - orange-spotted sand goby

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