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Gorgonian wall - Gorgonian wall

Author - Andrey Ryanskiy

General information:
This diving site today - 100% leader among Cabilao dive sites. The northwestern tip of the island, near the lighthouse. There is always the strong current, and it attracts dolphins, large fish - large trevallies for example. But because of strong currents diving is not always possible. The dives are drift dives along a vertical coral wall, very lively and interesting. The final part of a dive, divers usually spend on flat top of the reef, relaxing on the grassy lawn surrounded by a multitude of tropical fish. Things to sea? - lots of them. Among them - Denis sea horse. Tiny and pretty creature. And very unusual large nudibranchs - Banana Slug - a couple of these marine creatures are almost always meeting divers on the same spot, at a depth of 15-19 m.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 9° 53.25'
Height 123° 45.31'
Maximum depth: 30
The complexity of embedding: **
Additional information:
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Pomacanthus navarchus - Bluegirdled angelfish
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Bodianus mesothorax
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Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus
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Pomacanthus navarchus
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Centropyge tibicen
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Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus - Vermiculated angelfish

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