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Canyon - deep part - Canyon - deep part

Author - Andrey Ryanskiy

General information:
Rating: 3.10
One of the remarkable properties of Canyon in Dahab is its versatility. It can deliver a lot of sincere joy for recreational divers. But for technical divers, it provides an excellent opportunity to a simple check-dive in a pleasant and beautiful place. Plunging into the shallow lagoon, we are swimming to the exit - and then, on the reef, we swim to the left, toward the canyon. At the canyon, we descend through an opening in the upper part - it is quite sufficient for the diver with a twinset. And - swim down the canyon, leisurely enjoying the architecture. Well here we are at the lowest point, it is a small hall, which ends in the canyon. We are at a depth of 50 m. There is no one, except for technical divers (ie, us) - the semi-darkness, silence, tranquility. Swim up to the exit on the outside reef. This is a small gap, but again, sufficient to tec divers. Swimming out. No signs of the canyon are not visible - just a wall of the reef, at 10 meters below - a small cavern, even lower - Cave of Neptune - well, this is a topic for another dive! Decompression obligation - it is easier to fulfil them on the outer wall, not necessarily to come back through the canyon, less crowding.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 28° 33.29'
Height 34° 31.43'
Maximum depth: 50
The complexity of embedding: *
Additional information:
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Rating - 5  Expedition date - 30.06.2009
На выходе из каньона отметка глубины 50.8, и дальше вниз "космос", обрыв. Далее пещера Нептуна на 76 метрах.
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Возвращаемся в Каньон - вход совсем неприметный
Каньон - обратный путь
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Выход на риф
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Выход на внешнюю сторону рифа
Дахаб Каньон
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Внутри каньона - глубина 50 м - выход

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