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This is a cult site among tech divers! One has to make many dives to see the entire place. The boat is anchored in front of the Sredniaya valley. The southern part of the site is a stone terraces overgrown with sponges. The central part of the site is a grandiose vertical wall that comes to steep stepped slope. At 8m there is a memorial table for drowned diver. At 37m there is a cave with narrow entrance (cave dives require special training). On the depth of 55m there are two joint caverns. At 77m there is a terrace with a part of navigational sign. At 90m there is a cavern. At 110m there is a flag of Russian Army installed by diver Edik Gazimov. The northern side of the site starts with corner where the drop off sharply inclines. On this corner the navigation signs are usually installed and many of them lie on the depths of 6-15m and also on the depth of 90-100m under the drop off. On the wall at this place there are negative declinations. The drop off on the depth of 90-95m comes steep slope. On the drop off edge there are thickets of sponges and beautiful plants closer to the shore. Northern and central parts of the dive site are ideal for deep dives. The fall to the bottom (if the dive to 110m is planned) is possible to make along the wall. The record Baikal dive to the depth of 154m was made here. This is ideal place for deep dives and excellent place for tech dives.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 51° 20'
Height 105° 10'
Maximum depth: 200
The complexity of embedding: ***
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