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Banka Okunevay - Banka Okunevay

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The Bank is not far from the coast in the middle of the bay Okunev. Is a form of bucket with a handle, which connects to the bank with a cape in the form of small stones. The edges of the bucket rises on the edges of the banks, with a minimum height of 3 meters, there are three such points, the middle bucket, with depths up to 14 meters, is made of piled up stones of different amphitheater formy.S northern bow gradually rises from a depth of 14 meters. The south side has a sharp stall in one place a vertical wall with a depth of 25 metrov.Vokrug most banks have a pure white sand, resembling a washboard with a ridge height of one meter (a relief sometimes varies depending on the flow, it is especially noticeable early in the season, after winter break) The edges of the stall carved crevices and norami.v field littered with the remains of several traps for octopus. Quoting a cape on the south-east is given little to the south, the deepest place on 25 metrov.nedaleko to depart from it underwater rock 6 meters in height and 20 in length with a small valley, further away, about forty meters away, lies a huge valun.Esli look, like a piece of soap on a white washboard.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 42° 43.18'
Height 133° 12.47'
Maximum depth: 25
The complexity of embedding: **
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Rating - 5  Expedition date - 28.09.2001
Первое погружение на это место совершил еще в далеком 2001 году.Нашли это место ребята из дайв-клуба "Босфор Восточный", случайно. В ясную погоду, в центре бухты крутилась стайка бакланов (нырков&...
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