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Dark red Cossack - Dark red Cossack

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General information:
Rating: 3.10
Former freight lichter of the Азовского steamship line. on March, 26, 1943 dark "Red Cossack" during a transition from Новороссийска in Туапсе was blown up on a mine. Discovered by новороссийскими skin-divers. Lies practically on an even keel.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 44° 37.96'
Height 37° 47.4'
Maximum depth: 47
The complexity of embedding: *
Additional information:
Year built ship: 1896
Year flood ship: 1943
Type of wreck: сейнер
Displacement: 1050
Dimensions of ship: длина около 60 метров
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Rating - 5  Expedition date - 18.10.2009
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