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IMAX: Search for the Great Sharks. 1080i

IMAX: Search for the Great Sharks. 1080i

Длительность: 00:37:54
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Опубликовал: Алексей Стойда 26.06.2012
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Dive into adventure with nature's most incredible creatures in SEARCH FOR THE GREAT SHARKS! Now newly remastered in spectacular high-definition, this unsurpassed visual journey takes you around the globe to encounter the world's largest sharks above and below the waves. From the wildest remote shores of Australia to the California coastline, this classic features blue sharks, whale sharks, and, the legendary Great White, all filmed so close you can almost touch them. Filled with incredible photography at some of the world's most beautiful locations, this is the ultimate close encounter with the most powerful, awesome animals like you've never seen them before.
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