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Pupyr - Pupyr

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Lonely rock sticking finger (divers called him Pupyrev) height of 1.5 meters, is located near the cliffs Cruiser bay Triozere. Conical rock rises from 30 meters depth, near tidal rock. It has several peaks under water, with deep crevices vokrug.kamni resemble ribs. The eastern and southern sides overgrown with a continuous carpet of white anemones, and dark red color. Immersion takes place from the top of the stone to the foot of the cliff 30 meters further along the edge of the cliff (left hand to the reef), and slowly go around the circle exit up. The second dive more technical, but with nitrox, with the passage of the extreme north, we turn not turn over a rock, the compass and continue on a bare sandy bottom at a depth of 30 meters, cherez30 meters on the way there is a new range, with indented edges, a minimum height of 22 meters, rock is very much in the air is not enough time for all to see. ascent from the depths of 22 meters from the top of the cliff. Immersion in Pupyrev considered the best in the bay area Triozerya. During one dive you can find many kinds of fish including golden and blue Japanese ruff. At the bottom in the burrows is always octopuses.
GPS - coordinates:
Width 42° 43.41'
Height 133° 14.2'
Maximum depth: 32
The complexity of embedding: ***
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Однажды погружаясь с напарником в конце сентября 2003г, вода была +8 градусов, как всегда пошарив по норам в поиске осьминогов, вокруг носилась молодь кальмаров, подошли к повор...
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